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Southwest Bi/Gay/TS Hookups

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Hello other CD'S

  • Kaybabbyyx
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    Asstravaganza 2023

    Down to play, content, HOOKUP/MEETUP, text me I'm down for anything ❤️

  • Hello. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

    I'm in process of learning more about my body and the attire I want. Being pretty new I'm somewhat confused on bra fitting. So this weekend I hope to get 3 or 4 bra's I believe will give me that look I desire.

    So girls I would like alittle help if possible. I can come to the lounge or your place Tuesday or Wednesday evening and you can help me choose and make sure size is correct and properly worn.

    I will appreciate all the help and feedback I can get.


  • What's Poppin' in the SW Syyyde Tonight?

  • Looking for bi couples or bi guys cd Trans love it all

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