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Gaystravaganza @ WAP Every Friday Night!

WAP lounge presents: Gaystravaganza!

Enjoy a night with like minded folks.

Free parking

Free condoms

BYOB with Free setups!

Come over and hang out in our Huge lounge and play with the sexiest guys in the South!

Hope to see you there!

..... The pics don't do us justice.... You'll fall in love all over again!

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Unknown member
Jul 02, 2022

So, every Friday, 8p to 5a? Correct?

Me being Bi, can I assume my wife can escort me?

How does the 50$ change if she is allowed?

She'll find a corner somewhere and just be a spectator. She's a visual Connoisseur of watching the "boys play". Has spontaneous orgasms, from the visual alone. "Look mom, no hands."


Unknown member
Jun 29, 2022

Is OK to play bareback? I can not feel very well with condoms but if is mandatory for the other person I will play along, also is this event more for tops or bottoms? Pardon my ignorance, never being at a event like that his before.

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