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HEWS Has Power and is Open 24/7!

Come over and take a rest from all the wild weather out there!

Our A/C is on, we have running water and it's always cool to come over anytime!

👋 Come over to HEWS Lounge Anytime! We're Open 24/365 💋❤️‍🔥

We invite everyone who wants to come over and have some fun regardless of age,gender,race, orientation, kinks and fetishes!

The best tips to ENTER HEWS are be kind and courteous (we have naughty & nice lists😇👿) dress casually well, no hygiene issues, and be patient!

Casual Dress Code 🎵

Free entry for couples and single women who are members of Houston Eyes Wide Shut Lounge on next day visits!

Couples who enter HEWS Wednesday - Sunday receive next day entry for Free!

Hope to see you there!🎆🎉

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2 days ago

What’s the address there?!


6 days ago

Anyone there now

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