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Juicy January is Here! Join us Weekends Fri & Sat Nights!

In January's grip, the world holds tight,

A citrus tang, a frozen bite.

Sun's kiss is fleeting, skies of steel,

Yet hidden secrets winter wields.

Snow-kissed boughs drip diamonds bright,

Each branch a chandelier of light.

The air, a crisp and sparkling wine,

Wakes senses numb with summer's decline.

Beneath the frost, a promise sleeps,

Of buds that dream and roots that creep.

The frozen pond, a mirrored shield,

Reflects the moon, a story sealed.

In steaming mugs, hot cocoa's charm,

Melts icy fingers, keeps hearts warm.

Laughter crackles in the frosty air,

As embers glow, banishing despair.

Juicy January, stark and bold,

A tale of endings, stories told.

A canvas bare, awaiting spring,

Where frost-kissed dreams take wing.

So let us revel in the chill,

In frosted silence, stand until

The sun ignites, the earth awakes,

And juicy January gently breaks.

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Unknown member
Jan 23

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