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Updated! September Upcoming Events & GBs

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Valerie Sept 16th 11 AM to 3 pm $50 member dues!

Sept 22nd @3pm -7pm 3 hole GB with A Hot Texas Redhead & XXX ⭐ Rae! $40 member dues! BTW, Rae💓 🍆🍑❗

Sept 24th 1 pm to 5pm

Sinnamon GB. All are welcome to play! $40 entry fee!

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Unknown member
Sep 21, 2021

Any other women will be there?


Unknown member
Sep 15, 2021

Is Valerie's GB today or tomorrow or both days?


Unknown member
Sep 13, 2021

She really looks like she is enjoying it. I know i do.

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