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Spring 2022 Updates & Hotel Asstravanganza Signup Link!

Couples entry fee $40 Friday and Sat! Something's hot been pouring from our WAP!

WAP Lounge is Open to Select Singles! Call or text 713-492-2044 for info!

Check us out for Freaky Fridays & VIP Updates coming soon!

G-Spot lounge is open next to HEWS ladies! Check it out for some 👧 👧 n more girls without a guy in sight!

Remember our Asstravanganza Hotel Party??? We're at it again! Sign up online before its too late!

Save the date and address is May 13th-15th!

15350 John F Kennedy Blvd, Houston, Texas

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Unknown member
Apr 19, 2022

Can transgender females go to g-spot and wap

Unknown member
Nov 13, 2022
Replying to

hope so

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