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This May! Bigger and Better for You! Cum Over or Miss Out on the Fun!

๐Ÿ‘Asstravanganza! Hotel Takeover Event is Coming Back for Round 2 Bigger Than Ever!


Join us us on May 19-21st hotel takeover event for the hottest and sexiest swingers and singles in a beautiful hotel 40 themed playrooms.

Theme playrooms include:

Gloryhole room

dark room

BBC room

Female Gloryhole room

Erotic lesbian room

BDSM room

Sybian room

BWC room

Gangbang room

Trans CD room

Toe sucking room

Cuckold room

Orgy room

Massage room

Dark room

Sex game room

and now including......the Tattoo room!

Tattoos will be designed and created on the spot for attendees!

We have duplicates of our theme playrooms throughout the second floor of the hotel. Want you to have as much fun as possible during the event so leave us any suggestions or new kinks you would like to explore with us!

Asstravanganza is going to be bigger and better this May 2023! Get your tickets and RSVP info on our site!

Tip: Reserve a room before it's too late!

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๋Œ“๊ธ€ 6๊ฐœ

์ต๋ช… ํšŒ์›
2023๋…„ 5์›” 18์ผ

What hotel is this in so I can reserve. Iโ€™m not seeing it at all and that link isnโ€™t working too well for me. Please help.


์ต๋ช… ํšŒ์›
2023๋…„ 5์›” 18์ผ

I be there this Friday


์ต๋ช… ํšŒ์›
2023๋…„ 5์›” 15์ผ

Wonโ€™t miss it this time


์ต๋ช… ํšŒ์›
2023๋…„ 3์›” 14์ผ

Any specialists needed for any of the rooms?


์ต๋ช… ํšŒ์›
2023๋…„ 3์›” 14์ผ

Solo Bi CD, single F or M fee? It's a legit question.

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