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Host an Event @ Any of Our Lounges! Start By Booking an Online Interview Here!

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Hey guys and girls in Houston! We're open for Gangbang Hosts at any of our lounges!

Hostesses are friendly girls who greet guests, assist staff and provide tours around our lounges during the horniest hours of the week. We would love for our hostesses to invite their friends over to play and mingle with our lounge members to create the energetic, healthy sexy vibe that our lounges are synonymous with.

We have several positions available, just apply here for an online interview!

Our new format to request hosting an event or GB for singles, couples, and groups is now more streamlined! All you have to do is request an online interview to get started! Select a date and time to meet online with our staff, provide contact info and pictures, and we will see if you're fit! What we typically ask for is an adventurous person who loves to be the center of attention of a sensual experience for a group of people. After the online interview, we will discuss the terms in-person including the dates available to host events, the fees required to begin, and any accommodations we can make for your invitees! When we agree on the aforementioned, all you have to do is show up and do what you REALLY want to do! We want serious inquiries only so if you manage to skip a few steps or miss the appointment without rescheduling, we have to decline your application. We play by the rules and expect our partners to do the same! No ifs or butts!

P.S. We can handle the promotions for you all day to make it a blast!

Hope to hear from you so we can hang out!

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